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The Story

10 International is a dynamic sales and marketing wine company.  Since it was founded in 2006, the company has grown rapidly and today is led by a management team of Toby Hancock, Simon Rolfe and Ian Hanley, alongside Non-Executive Chairman Bill Rolfe. 

The company was formed to give consumers a simple, clear message about their wines, without losing the mystique that makes wine what it is.

Our team works with carefully chosen producers from the  world's10 main wine producing countries to sell a high quality collection of wines to markets across the globe. Using these strategic alliances, combined with our extensive marketing and sales experience, we offer a highly focused wine range, which includes our own specially developed, unique brands.


We aim high, providing the best condensed wine portfolio in the industry which offers both diversity and value. With a combined total of 70 years in the wine business, we use our experience and understanding of the industry and its consumers to bring the best wines to market. With the help of our partner producers, we have also developed our own unique brands that are totally consumer led.  These wines are specifically created to meet the needs and demands of key retail sectors in different markets around the world.

Our range of products offers the ultimate wine list; a competitively priced, diverse yet focused portfolio.

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